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Universal Orlando

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Universal Orlando consists of two parks: Islands of Adventure (IOA) and Universal Studios. Between these two parks are countless hours of fun and exploration.

Islands of Adventure (IOA) is our personal favorite with several intimidating coasters (especially the Hulk and Dr. Doom), the iconic Jurassic Park, the timeless Dr. Suese Land, and the very impressive Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Universal Studios puts you right into the action of some of the best movies and TV shows ever with their high-tech interactive rides. There is a huge list of rides, but a few of our favorites include The Simpsons, Transformers, Men in Black, and Despicable Me. Both Parks offer up some really awesome shows to work in between rides.

We have offered you four main options: (1) One Day IOA, (2) One Day Universal Studios, (3) One Day Park to Park, and (4) Two Day Park to Park. If you haven’t been to Universal Orlando before, we recommend the Park to Park pass. The pricing is advantageous, and both parks are fantastic experiences. Also, we highly recommend purchasing the Express pass. This will cut your wait times dramatically, allow you to experience much more of the park, and you will avoid the unbearably long lines.

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