Sanford Party Bike Pub Crawl

Sanford Bike Party

The Pub Crawl Of Your Dreams

The traditional pub crawl has nothing on this. Bring your own beer - free of charge - for the ride, and toast to the good life between stops while soaking in Sanford’s charming atmosphere.

Oh yeah, and enjoy a FREE drink at each of the three delightful bars along the way. This is two hours of pure pedaling pleasure. So, grab a few of your best buds and hop on!

Three Free Drinks

Make Great Memories

Have you ever ridden a 15-passenger bike? Well, prepare for an excellent time my friend. You can drink right on the bike, stay cool with built-in fans, and enjoy some damn fine company.

World Class Service

Connect With Friends

This laid back adventure is a great way to strengthen bonds and meet fun new people. Our friendly guides make socializing easy with amusing games and great music.

Hang With Cool People

Lots of Laughs

Our fun-loving guides are here to make sure you have a blast. Whether you are riding solo or bringing your whole crew, you will love this tour.

Are You Ready To Join The Fun?