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Island Camping

There's not much to worry about here


Just Relax

Tent, Firepit, Sunset; what more could you want from beach camping? How about not having to set it up! Tent camping on islands was what we did growing up near the beautiful Florida Coast. We tried to figure out a way to share that experience and glam it up a little. We’ll show you how to camp Florida-style.


What's Included

The basics behind your island camping adventure

The Gear

Everything you need for a true camping experience. Flashlights, tiki torches, etc. are included

The Guide

Your guide will be hanging out with you and making sure camp stays running smoothly. We set everything up prior to your arrival, so you can dive into island relaxation on the Matanzas River.

The Entertainment

Plenty of options to keep you entertained. Playing cards, fishing poles and tackle, paddleboards, kayaks, cornhole boards, and acoustic guitars are all available upon request.


Tour Info

The Season

December through March only

Group Sizes

Maximum of 6 people per night

Arrival and Departure

Check in at 2 p.m. Check out at 11 a.m.


Palm Coast, FL on the Mantazas River


How 'Bout It?