The Bioluminescence Tour

Experience Florida's natural light show deep in the wild


Believe It

Just an hour from Orlando, you'll find nature as its existed for thousands of years. Hundreds of fish light up the water around you. Your paddle leaves a trail of neon-blue light with every stroke. Beads of light roll off your fingertips. Join us on dark summer nights for this wild adventure.


What's Included

The basics behind your Bioluminescence adventure

The Gear

Paddleboards and kayaks are available for this tour. All your paddle gear, including lifejackets, is included. Everyone on the tour will also be equipped with safety lights.

The Guide

Your guide is there to see everything goes smoothly. We’ll go through the basics before getting on the water, and be by your side for the duration of the tour. You'll also get some fun facts about the biology of bioluminescence.

The Light Show

Nature does the entertaining out here. When the water is disturbed, single cell organisms naturally flash neon-blue light. We'll paddle directly into schools of mullet to see the crazy light show they create as they run away through the flats.


Tour Info

The Season

June - September. Bioluminescence only becomes visible when the water is warm, so this is strictly a summertime offering. Check the calendar in the booking screen for exact dates.

Don't Poop Your Pants

This is an adventure. You're probably going to get bit by a few mosquitos and you might find a jumping mullet running into you. One customer paddled over a sleeping manatee and got knocked in the water as it hurridly swam away.

Our Record

Our guides are experienced and take your safety seriously. None of our customers have ever been injured on this tour (or any of our other tours), and we intend to keep it that way.

Group Sizes

We need a minimum of 6 people booked to run this tour. Maximum group size is 12.

Tour Schedule

This experience relies on nature’s clock. We’ll launch about 30 minutes before sunset and return to shore about two hours later.


Launch from Mosquito Lagoon near Titusville, Florida View it in Google Maps. It's about an hour's drive from Orlando, and you'll find yourself far from the city lights paddling under the stars.

Age and Experience

Paddling at night through currents and wind can make this paddle tough for beginners. You need to be a strong paddler, strong swimmer, and in good overall health. Ages 14+


$79 per person. This includes your guide and all your equipment. All you need to do is show up. Details on what to wear etc. included in your confirmation email.