Paddleboard Yoga
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Paddleboard Yoga

A wonderful fusion of two of our favorite activities, paddleboard yoga is a great way to find peace on the open water. After a brief paddle to a calm refuge from the wind, participants will anchor down and begin their yoga practice with one of our highly qualified instructors. The waters are clean and the areas have been tactfully chosen for their serenity, providing the perfect environment for a great session.

We offer classes in two regions: (1) Orlando and (2) Merritt Island (minutes from Cocoa beach). The Orlando classes are held in a range of lakes around the area, which suits many of our attraction and convention visitors. The Merritt Island classes are held on the river, perfect for those who are seeking a class in a diverse ecosystem near the beach. 

Lucky's Lake Swim

Every Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM, and Saturdays at 7:45 AM, swimmers from around the world convene at Dr. Lucky's estate on Lake Cane. The 1 kilometer swim is an invigorating way to start the day, and Lucky is an extremely gracious host. Neither Lucky, nor Get Local, make a dime off of this recreation, it is simply an awesome activity that swimmers can enjoy. Swimmers are required to sign a release form prior to entering the lake, and new swimmers MUST use the provided flotation device (a pull buoy, wet suit, safer swimmer buoy, life guard buoy etc.) for their first three swims. See Lucky's website for complete details.

The lake lies between Disney and Downtown Orlando, about 20 minutes from either one. Be sure to arrive on time, as late swimmers will not be allowed to participate!