Orlando City Soccer: A Beginners Guide to Buying the Right Seats

Supporters Section at Orlando City Soccer Match

By Mike Gramajo

Central Florida has soccer fever! The Orlando City Soccer Club has taken the city by storm, bringing together cultures from around the world to enjoy game days at the newly renovated Orlando Citrus Bowl.

For those of you wondering where to sit for your next Orlando City Lions match, we’ve outlined the various sections of the stadium. With this guidance, you’ll be able to snag the best seats at your next Orlando City soccer game.  

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General Admission (Supporters Section)

Without a doubt, this is the liveliest area of the stadium. When we talk about the 12th man in a soccer game, there’s no doubt this section lives up to that title. 

General admission seating is located on the south end of the stadium, and serves as the voice of the team during games. Prepare to stand, sing, and chant all 90 minutes rooting for the Purple Kits.

Point blank, if you’re the type of soccer fan that likes to have a GREAT time at a game, along with a few cold drinks, this area best fits your style.

North End  

In contrast to the Spectators section, the North End is much calmer. That being said, they still know how to crank up the volume when needed; serving to intimidate the visiting side during the second half. 

“We’re more of the calm side of the stadium,” says Richard Lupica, who recently starting attending Orlando City games. “Whenever the opponents come attacking on our end, it’s our job to taunt, make noise and apply fan pressure so they won’t score. We’re a flame that wants to get fueled by the opponent to help our team in purple.”

In the North End, you can rest your legs a bit, but expect to stand during high intensity moments.  You will want to pop to your feet whenever the home team is attempting to score a goal, or when the visiting team is either trying to score the game-winning or game-tying goal.

Club Seats  

If you’re looking to go upscale, it’s all about the Club Level. With a full 180 degree view of the field and easy access to the plaza level bars, snag seats here for a premium game day experience.

Just ask George Silverman, whose thinking about buying season tickets after his previous experience:

“You can’t go wrong, and have a bird’s eye view of Kaka and the rest of the team,” says Silverman. “It’s the Perfect location if you want to spend it with a significant other, and enjoy the beautiful game for what it is. I’ve sat in other locations before, but the club seating definitely is the best seating.” 

Corner Sections 

The corner sections of the Citrus Bowl serve as an echo, mirroring the noise created by the south end of the stadium. Whether it’s the ‘Boom, Boom, Clap’ sound made throughout the game or the popular ‘Orlando-oooooo, City!’ the corner sections are the veins of the stadium that help get the blood pumping to the fans.

These seats are a good choice for a family going to their first Orlando City game, or for anyone looking for something slightly less rowdy than the Supporters section. Usually when the supporter sections gets going, you will see people from the corner sections following along and standing in unison with them, but it’s your choice to sit or stand.  

Sideline Seating 

Ideal for families, sideline seating on the east side of the stadium enjoys a 180 degree view of the field. Sideline seating is usually inexpensive, and recommended for many first-time soccer fans.

Join in the fan wave that’s created at each and every game, and cheer on your Lions as they compete for Major League Soccer glory.

Alcoholic drinks are available at plaza level, and usually get flooded during halftime. Your best bet is to either arrive early to drink, or tailgate with the other fans in front of the stadium prior to the game. 

Plaza Level  

The Plaza level is mostly standing room, but with several bars and plenty of excitement from the game, why sit? Enjoy a cold beer and get a unique view of the game during your time at the Citrus Bowl.  

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And there you have it, a typical Orlando City Soccer game day experience by section at the Citrus Bowl. Have you been to an Orlando City Soccer match already? Tweet us at @GetLocalFL and tell us all about it!