Get Local Coffee Tour: Downtown Credo


COLLEGE PARK — This place might be Orlando’s best-kept secret and arguably a contender for best local coffee shop in the area.

Its small shabby setting will take you deep into Orlando’s young hip culture, where the ambiance is a cool yet rather relaxed. That was how I felt during my visit to Downtown Credo.

Located in the College Park district less than a mile away from downtown Orlando, there’s no denying that this place is more than your go-to place for a coffee break. It’s a whole different world once you step foot into the place - it might extend that break to countless hours. 


My Iced Coffee at Credo


I found it unique that the lighting of the place was mostly dimmed, however, given how sunny it was, a strip of light shined across the dark-brown wooded table where my iced coffee laid. And you’re probably thinking how’s the coffee? Well, it’s Guatemalan.

Smooth and rich Guatemalan coffee - and that’s adding a bit of bias just for the simple fact that my parents hail from Guatemala.

The menu isn’t all that big, and it’s listed down to three options; Coffee, Espresso and Not Coffee (you read that correctly). A simple menu, yet so strong it will lift you up after a long day.

Credo Orlando Downtown Menu

No, this isn’t your regular cup of Starbucks, it’s better. I mean, how often do you find yourself having a conversation with a barista? And by the way, it never hurts to leave a tip. Simply put, you really get a sense of home here. I noticed a majority of the people there were on their laptops and tablets. However, a group of locals were also involved in some conversation over a game of Uno.

The procedure is straightforward. You walk in, look at the drink menu (they do have pastries), order and relax. The folks at Credo will actually take your drink to you. Also, coffee art is presented with your drink, which was something I found mind blowing.

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- By Mike Gramajo