The Common Misconceptions of Orlando

By Mike Black

By Mike Black

There is something that few people outside of our community realize: Orlando is a place of culture. For so many years, Orlando has been portrayed as a soulless, monolithic tourist trap, where fairy tales are fed to the masses; and countless dollars are spent around the globe daily, perpetuating this image.

Hanging out at The East End Market

The Other Side of Orlando

But the locals here know that our community is so much more. There is a movement going on here. Orlando is a place where new ideas are blossoming and people are pursuing their passions. Artists are inspiring, surfers are paddling out, world-class chefs are emerging, and small business owners are popping up every day, bringing their dreams to life.

That’s where we come in. We are here to expose the real Orlando. To celebrate this great place that we call home, and to let people know that Orlando is a vibrant community full of great people doing amazing things.

What's so Great about Orlando?

I’m not saying that Orlando is the best city in the world. We are still young, trying to find our way. But we have something to share. It’s time that we stand up and let the world know that we are more than Mickey Mouse and retirees.

After all, wouldn’t it be a shame for you to come to Orlando without visiting K Restaurant, the East End Market, or Credo?  Shouldn’t you know about the snap! photography gallery, or that you could grab a beer in a bar completely furnished with Asian antiques? Isn’t it better to enjoy our beautiful Florida weather outside of concrete enclosures?

Speak up!

We’re here to spread the word that Orlando is a great city. We’re a city that believes in conservation, equality, and diverse experiences. Let’s connect people through great experiences by sharing what our community has created.

What do YOU think?